We, an Israeli and a German, have started to work together in order to fight Antisemitism. We educate about Israel, Jewish religion and Antisemitism. We do all of our activities voluntarily.

We see the rise of Antisemitism in the world and believe that we can make a change! We provide several kinds of programs for different audiences.



Shoval Shirom was raised and born in Israel. She served in the army as an air traffic controller for two years. She has Bachelor Degree in Instructional Design from Holon Institute of Technology in Israel.
Shoval Shirom works as a learning management system and instructional designer in a retail company. About this field: Instructional designers create and deliver educational and training materials to learners from all walks of life in a variety of ways. They work with traditional paper materials, such as handouts and manuals, as well as eLearning technologies and multimedia. Also, she volunteered in a hospital in the oncology department. In Isralearn she Responsible for developing the learning programs and content.


Gerald Hetzel was raised and born in Germany. Hetzel is a student in the University of Passau. He is engaged in the Israeli-Germany relations since many years. Responsible for the financial aspects and management.